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Monday, December 27, 2004

Happy Friday 13!

April 13, 2029 might be a BIG day, indeed While this isn't news to anyone who's been connected over the last week or so, there's a moderately large (1,300 meters across) asteroid that's scheduled for NEA (Near Earth Approach) for 04/13/2029. In fact, latest calculations give it about a 1/37 chance of actually hitting Earth. That's upgraded from an early 1/245 chance. Hey, not to sweat it. It's certainly no planet-buster (though regional devastation if it should hit—wherever it hits, IF it hits—should be pretty total... No problem. After all, Social Security will be belly up by then and all the elderly living in cardboard boxes under bridges willl welcome a Krakatoa-level catastrophe! Happy Friday 13th!