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Monday, January 03, 2005

Ironic, eh?

There are none so blind... While I appreciate—no! strongly approve!—of the actions and sentiment of these New Nampshire residents who protested against the UN by burning some UN flags, I cannot but wonder at the irony: "What I object to about the U.N. is that they try to tell America what to do, and take our tax dollars to do it."—Russell Kanning Yeh? And how, really, is that different to fedgov agencies telling people thay can't build on their own land because there's a puddle some obscure species of mosquito breeds in? Or (take your pick) any number of the other multitude of meddling measures enacted by congresscritters and expanded on by bureaucrats that are entirely ourside any Constitutional authority? Do they not take our tax dollars and try to tell us what to do with our own lives in ways objectionable to any person who was born free? After all, it's the fedgov that takes your tax dollars and gives them to Kofi, et al, to use as a bludgeon against us. Protest the U.N. Sure, that's fine. Better to protest a government that is willfully exceeding its own legitimate authority, not the least by its support of the U.N.