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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Change of pace

Heading on home Cal Thomas' most recent column (up today at Townhall.com) included one comment that has me strongly considering a change of pace. "Light dispels darkness and good can overcome evil. But a light won't shine if it isn't lit and cursing the darkness illuminates nothing." Sounds like something I might think to post on my "Whistling in the Light" blog... So, I'm considering 1.) Less blogging overall but especially here. Perhaps cut myself back even further to something like once a week more or less. 2.) A little more posting over at "Whistling in the Light" and, what the heck, 3.) Spending less time on this computer and more time on another that's set up to be more useful with my music transcription software, writing more music again. Maybe post more new music (or links to songs) at "Whistling in the Light", etc. Let's see if I can break the cycle, or at least bend it a bit, eh? :-)