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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Razorblogging at Glenn's place

Breaking news: Yeh, the Instapundit himself is discussing the advantages.disadvantages of different razors. *heh*... indeed The link above and this one for Glenn—and his readers— on... shaving. Well, each to their own. I decided some years ago that since a.) my wife frequently commented on the beard I had when we met and married (and how much she liked it) and b.) I dislike the process of scraping my face anyway that I'd just grow it and trim it with the same clippers/scissors/razor combo I use to cut my own hair. (Yeh, I also decided some years ago that griping about the loon that butchered my hair would be better directed at the loon in the mirror.) Noticeably warmer in winter. Extra care keeping clean in summer (sweat & dirt from yard work--more care than bare face). Added benefit? I get to shave it once a year for my April 15 "National Day of Mourning" ritual. (I keep hoping that holiday will catch on... ) Added benefit #2? I buy about 4 disposable razors a year. Problem? My beard is MUCH grayer than anything else I have for hair. On second thought, not so much of a problem... any more, that is... *heh*... indeed. :-)