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Friday, April 01, 2005

Running as fast as I can... unfortunately

No. You DON'T want to know... No energy for blogging (or darned near anything else) today. Just this: you've noticed the weird disconnect between Sandy Berger's (now-admitted) crimes (h/t Instapundit) and the slap on the wrist he is getting, as opposed to the "slap her upside the head with the LA phone book" approach the feds took to Martha Stewart's non-crime (previously noted here and here). Do note again: NEVER cooperate with the feds.(h/t: David Burkhead via Jerry Pournelle's Current Mail). They will "Martha" you if they want to. Only if you're an insider doing the bidding of a corrupt former president will you get a bye like Berger... Oh, there's much more, but this Berger slap on the wrist just makes me sick. (or maybe it's something else causing the runs, I dunno... ) Whatever, I'd like to put a "special gift" down Berger's pants for the Fourth of July. Won't do it, of course, but mostly because the resultant spread of waste matter would be toxic. OK, wouldn't do it even if there were a way to control the spread of Berger waste. It's just such a picture of justice. I hope he lives a very, very long time and learns some shame. It's a forlorn hope*, I know. Such weasels are not born with a conscience and there's little hope of him developing one at his advanced stage of moral decomposition, but one can dream, eh? But it's hard to wrap my mind around the thought that yesterday (03/31/05) stands as such a picture of the death of justice in America. On the one hand we have a helpless, profoundly disabled woman murdered via torture by judicial fiat. On the other, Sandy Berger arranges with his buddies in the feds to get a slap on the wrist and essentially walk for having stolen and destroyed classified documents relating to the Clintoonistas' handling of anti-terrorist measures.** *note: yes, I know I'm misusing the military term "forlorn hope" in a non-military context. But just imagine hopes that slime like Berger are even able to develop a conscience as a "hope" sent out ahead of the advance of an army of citizen warriors fighting for some sort of ethics in business, government, etc. Sure, it's bound to be shot down, but maybe it can be an example of the best we can hope for and buy the army time to rally... Yeh, a sad, weak analogy, but I told you up front I have no energy for this today. Just doing this now cos I really can't do anything else right now... **"Clintoonistas"? Yeh. , That whole administration reminded me of a bad caricature of banana republic corruption. Still does.