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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday sing?

Well, not in a Baptist (or Lutheran or Presbyterian or... ) church, perhaps. :-) According to the majority of reports I've seen (in various places), the song represented in the pic (above) and the text (below) was one of the favorite (if not the favorite) hymns of Karol Jozef Wojtyla, also known as Pope John Paul II. For those of y'all who, like me, do not read, speak or even understand how Polish can even be read spoken...or understood *s*, the translation is, I'm assured, pretty close to the Polish text in every sense except for syllabes matching up with the tune. (Thx to J.C. on C-M-D for locating the pic and the lyrics) Interesting. I'm not a big fan of Mariology (or as most in my circle might call it, "Mariolotry" *heh*), but it's still interesting. Verse 1 in the pic, two more verses below.
Serdeczna Matko Serdeczna Matko, opiekunko ludzi. Niech Cie placz sierot do litosei wzbudzi. Wygnancy Ewy do Ciebie wolamy. Zmilujsie zmiluj niech sie nie tulamy. Do kogoz mamy, wzdychac nadzne dziatki. Pylko do Ciebie ukochanej Matki. U ktorej serce otwarte kazdemu. A osobliwie nedza strapionemu Beloved Mother, guardian of our nation. O hearken to our supplication. Your loyal children kneeling we beseech you. Grant us the graces to be loyal to you. Where shall we seek our solace in distress? Where shall we turn, whom guilt and sin oppress? Thine open heart, our refuge e'er shall be. When trials assail us on life's stormy sea.
When I get a chance, I may just play with transcribing the pic of the hymn into a more usable (readable/singable) version. Better (for voices) key, for one thing. Posted by Hello