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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

*Deep Yawn*

Spurs asks the relevant question, but he asks the wrong guy! *LOL*

"Former Deputy Director of the FBI, W. Mark Felt was 'Deep Throat'. David, please tell me why I should care..."

(I swear, honestly: that link was there! heh)

Let me sum up why we should care that after—what? 33 years?—all this time we should be all aflutter, as so many are, over the revelation that "Deep Throat" was "a former number-two official at the FBI" named W. Mark Felt:

1.) __________
2.) __________
3.) __________

There, I think that just about sums up why it's sooooo significant that the family of a 91-year-old man who had asked that the information be kept private thought it important to grab their 15 minutes in the national spotlight.


Look, Watergate was all about the coverup of an amateurish, third-rate burglary that scarcely rose to the level of, say, perjury under oath by a sitting president...

Of course, it was a Republican president who was implicated in the coverup and a Democratic president whose license to practice law was stripped as a result of perjury. Given those simple facts, of course it's important that two month ago on March 31 (in Vanity Fair Magazine) W. Mark Felt was revealed to have been "Deep Throat."

The Mass Media Podpeople just had to wait for a convenient time to insert it into the "news" cycle... Oh, and of course they decided to check their sources for this, unlike Newsweak and Korangate or CBS and Rathergate... or the NYT and, well, nearly anything ("Hello, Jason Blair!").

Well, Spurs, I hope that answers your question about just why this "news" is so very important.

(Oh, but then, i picked up that you already understood all this by the fact that your post quickly moved from the pressing question of why you should care to... the field for the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship. I can see you have your priorities firmly in hand. Good on you. :-)