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Sunday, May 29, 2005

What's Blogger Up To???

 OK, I'm officially stumped .  OK, "stumped" but quasi-"fixed.  See Update

It's the same on every computer available to me. On Win98/2000/XP, ditto all of them. As of about 2:00 this afternoon, right after a short 2-line post-upload, Blogger displays third world county properly ONLY in Firefox. Internet Exploder? Nope. Opera? Nope. Only Firefox.

What the heck was different? A change in my template? Nope. (I even restored a former template to check that hypothesis: no joy.) I can see nothing corrupted in the html. All seems proper from this end, and it displays properly in Firefox! But not in other browsers.

Anyone know what's gpoing on?

*drums fingers impatiently*

Well? Anyone?


OK, Update: Apparently the scripts (which had been working for weeks JUST FINE up until about 2:00 this afternoon) about Jean Fraud sKerry's SF-180 were the problem. Apparently, I said... Although it's still unclear why they were a problem now, after all this time, a problem, and then ONLY in Internet ExploDer and Opera, where they had NOT been a problem before... I dunno!