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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Just for fun.

Who likes plain beige boxes? OK, you can both put your hands down, now.
I've never been a fan of plain box computer looks. But I've not felt attracted to the flourescent/translucent Macs or the whirly-lights moded gamer look, so, I was sorta left with the option of buying someone else's idea of a cool looking case (usually, *blech!*) or doing something about it, myself.
The old bird shown below houses an older (333Mhz) processor and only 256 MB ram, etc., but yes, that's mahogany veneer (and yes, I painted the dustcatcher front black). 

It's not the camera; it's my photography "skills." :-) Posted by Hello
I liked that veneered, stained and varnished look.  Still do.  But when a mobo I ordered came with a nice case, and I was temporarily (I thought) out of veneering materials (found some more later, tucked away safely.  heh) I decided to use some paint/glaze that I'd used on a furniture project to give it a more attractive look.  Added some mahogany pieces to slotcovers, etc., and...

It's not the camera; it's my photography skills, still. :-) Posted by Hello
I think I'll add another optical drive to Ziggy, but for now, the one is just fine, and the mahogany slot cover is nice.
I used to, before it died the death of clicks, have a nice black keyboard I had face-veneered with mahogany on all but the keycaps, but since it's only good for looking at, it's junk, now. My current wireless keyboard for this computer is a nice, attractive gray/black, so I'm not itching to change its looks.  The mouse that goes with the wireless keyboard, though... Hmmm... how touch would it be to carve a cover for that??? And now that I think about it, what about the fascia for my monitor? Hmmm... Tha'd look nice civered in a mahogany veneer or with the computer case's paint treatement...