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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sissy's WoW #5--not quite yet

This is NOT my "WoW" post for "zaftig"
...that'll take either some thought or inspiration. Or maybe some cheating.  I dunno.  I thought immediately of just saying I've always wanted a ZAF TIG welder, but that'd not only be disallowed because it's not A word (or an alternative meaning to "zaftig" as I did with "trammel" last week) but it'd also be untrue.  Besides, I just made it up by combining two things: "ZAF"—for Zero Alignment Force—and TIG welder, which should need no explanation to folks who know what one is. heh.
So, my "zaftig" post will have to wait, unless I bloviate long enough for this post to become zaftig, and then I could use zaftig in a self-referential manner to describe my prolix posting. But, of course, that would be absurd. "Zaftig" refers to a pleasingly plump (even erotically well-rounded) woman. And whatever one might say of this post, it'll never be female (though it has a slight chance of becomeing pleasingly plump or well-rounded) or erotic.
So, I dunno.  Perhaps I should just chill out and let the word sink in.  I've read the word quite a few times over the years, but I cannot recall ever hearing it said. It's just not the kind of word I expect to hear in conversation, you know?
I just tried to imagine a conversation down at the feed store in America's Third World County™ featuring the word "zaftig."  The closest I could get was Bubba rhapsodizing about his heifer's brown-eyed appeal... Blech.
So, this post, while overblown, and even though it contains a twice-removed allusion to Bubba's perverse appreciation of a cow, lacks the well-rounded erotic appeal of a zaftig woman, so I guess I'll just have to wait for inspiration to strike.
What you are NOT going to see is a post where I describe Wonder Woman as zaftig.  Uh-uh.  Ain't gonna happen.
But do go on over and check out Sissy's new digs. And while you're there, ask her what kinda crazy thing led her to choose "zaftig" for a WoW, ok?