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Sunday, May 01, 2005

On blogging: "Hey! Look at me!"

The "right" reasons aren't dominated by a need for traffic
Dan Riehl has some words to say about blogging. (Hmmm, there's been a lot of that from folks recently... )  I like his comment,
Traffic isn't the be all and end all of blogging for me, by any means. And I plan to continue posting just as I always have - ranting and raving if I want, trying to be funny when I choose, and so on. But I really do enjoy doing newsy stuff, too - so it isn't purely selling out just to play some silly game about numbers, or blog size.
Well, of course.  (But I would say that, as both of my faithful readers can attest.  heh) For me, it's sometimes simply expanding the size of my Third World County™ echo chamber.  Even if it's an expansion to an "audience" of two, or whatever. Yeh, I appreciate the feedback in comments (though, strangely, I get more in email... ) and the times when my traffic briefly spikes by another 150/100 visits/visitors, but it's primarily just an outlet to blow off steam or keep some aquaintances up on what I see going on around me.  "Journalistic" effort? Pretty much a low priority, especially given the low esteem I hold for that craft.  ("Profession"?  Gimme a break.  The 1% of genuine pros in journalism aren't enough to redeem it, IMO.  It's like the one or two honest persons you can find among congresscritters.  not enough to leaven the loafs—and no, I did not misspell "loaves.")
Anyway, toodle on over to Dan's place and check out his screed.