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Monday, May 16, 2005

"Southpark Conservatives"

Hand-in-hand with biblical illiteracy
Diana West writes today of "Replacing duty and honor with 'South Park'"—and if you don't go read it right now, I shall order you flogged!  Oh, wait.  I'm not the Supreme Ruler of All, yet.  The flogging will have to be deferred until I ascend my throne.  Heck, I'll offer you amnesty, if you'll just go ahead and CLICK Now.
The article describes actions, people whose sense of duty and honor are foreign to our cynical, jaded culture today,
"But such was life before the "Desperate Housewife" and the "South Park" conservative, a time when the cultural mainstream -- the all-enveloping mass media -- treated duty and honor like dependable anchors rather than balls-and-chains."