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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blogfathers Day™ is fast approaching

BUMPED to top for this week

Have you selected your Blogfathers Day™ eCard yet?

As y'all know, lots of folks who blog have people who mentored them in blogging and speak fondly of that person as their "Blogmother" or "Blogfather." Well, Blogmothers Day™ 2005 was a modest success, with some Blogmothers getting the thanks they so richly are due. I'd simply like to encourage those of you with a Blogfather (or someone who served as a significant blogfather figure) to send them an eCard and post a "Thanks, Blogfather!" post for Blogfathers Day™, June 19, 2005.

Between now and then, consider doing what you can to spread the word: Blogfathers Day™ 2005.

This has been a Public Service Announcement of the Blogfathers Day™ Association (mostly me, myself and I)

Crossposted at Cathouse Chat.

UPDATE: Welcome to y'all dropping in from Hugh Hewitt's blog. Do spread the word—and if you have someone who mentored you as you started out blogging, send a special thanks to your blogfather (OK, if you missed Blogmothers Day™ and your mentor's a Blogmother, send her an eCard—but don't miss Blogmothers Day™ next year! :-)

And Hugh, thanks for helping promote Blogfathers Day™. I'm sure YOU will get tons of Blogfathers Day™ thanks, and rightly so!