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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Short shrift day

John Stossel notes the “open mindedness” *cough* of so-called “liberals” over at Townhall.com (and even hangs a John Stuart Mill quote around their necks. Heh).

Also at Townhall.com, Victor David Hanson pegs the liberals as reactionaries as only Victor David Hanson can.

And Ann Coulter, as vitriolic a polemicist as ever, nevertheless makes some clear legal arguments in layman's language about the Rove/Plame kerfuffle.

Meanwhile, a contributor to Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Current Mail page notes some interesting mortality rates... followed by an observation from Dr. Pournelle about National Guard mortality rates.

Discovery a No-Go. NASA: job security for government bureaucrats. Space exploration? Nu-uh! (We need more than Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites space efforts, folks, but NASA ain't the answer... )

London bombers noted noted here and here and here, among many places.

And oh, wahhh! Poor baby! (Anyone find the world's smallest violin? If so, break it into splinters before playing a sympathy tune for this loser.)

Pope Benedict XVI pulls a rabid rabbit outa his mitre with his complaint against Harry Potter. Will someone give the guy a wedgie? Cancel that. His knickers are already in a twist over nothing at all. Lighten up Bennie.

Joe Wilson, serial liar (see Ann Coulter article above for a few of Wilson's lies), calls on Bush to fire Rove. *YAWN* And this just in: Sun rose in the east today and somewhere dog bites man.

And, in answer to Joe Wilson and his ilk, I'd like to point you to an essay by George J. Esseff, Sr that Alan Woody has posted at Woody's News and Views. (Sorry this didn't go in this post earlier, and thanks, Woody, for showcasing this essay! Prime cut.)

It's a wild, wild, wild, wild world out there folks. Y'all be careful now, y'hear?