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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Silver Lining...

OK, this is a wee tad convoluted to follow closely, 'K?

Rightwing Nuthouse posted on this WAPO article about the devastating potential of an "Asian bird flu" pandemic. Then he posted here (on The Wide Awakes) about his original original post at Rightwing Nuthouse and asked TMH Bacon Bits' The MaryHunter for his "mad scientist" response.

(With me so far? 'K)

Well, The MaryHunter hasn't responded, yet, as far as I can tell, but here's my take: every cloud has a silver lining. This sounds like a made-for-mad-scientist opportunity to address the global threat of Islamic jihadists.

Mad Scientist Mode: ON

I'm thinking... a new charity.

Contaminated Quail for al Qaeda?

Tainted Turtle Doves for Terrorists?

Scummy Sandpipers for Saudis?

Wicked Woodcocks for Wacko Wahabbists?

Yeh, so an Asian bird flu pandemic could be catestrophic. With a little planning, there could be a silver lining...

The possibilities seem absolutely endless...

Mad Scientist Mode: OFF

(With a nod to Jonathan Swift for his inspiring work in A Modest Proposal... )