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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another one of those quiz thingies

I found this at Soliloquy... one writer's thoughts. Hmmm... Nancy and I both tested the same on this lil quiz.
Season = Winter
You're Most Like The Season Winter...You're often depicted as the cold, distant season. But you're incredibly intelligent, mature and Independant. You have an air of power around you—and that can sometimes scare people off. You're complex, and get hurt easily—so you rarely let people in if you can help it. You can be somewhat of a loner, but just as easily you could be the leader of many. You Tend to be negative, and hard to relate to, but you give off a relaxed image despite being insecure—and secretly many people long to be like you, not knowing how deep the Winter season really is. Well done... You're the most inspirational of seasons :)
?? Which Season Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla Interesting. Oh, yeh, I did sub in a different winter pic for the one the lil quiz thingie had. Pop on over to Nancy's and I think you can see why. Not me at all, at all. :-)