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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Do it now!

I need a keeper. I've discovered that my only hope for going back to read great blog discoveries is to blogroll 'em. NOW. I mean the very moment I say to myself, "Hey! This is a good read!" Otherwise, I lose 'em. Bookmarks don't help, cos no matter how finely I granularize my folders, eventually they get clogged with stuff I just wanna keep track of for a while, not really long-term (I guess I need an entirely different set of bookmarks, organized separately, for that sort of things. Yeh, I'll do that Real Soon Now. Sure, I will. :-) Have to blogroll good sites IMMEDIATELY or they are lost. Yeh, I have a lotta sites' RSS feeds loaded, too. Helps me keep track of new posts at active blogs and skim quickly when (as usual) it seems I have little time to get all my blogroll read. But I like surfing off my blogroll, cos I leave more tracks for my fav sites telling 'em "Hi, it's just me passing through" even when I don't have time to comment. BeatCanvas is a site worth visiting. Beautiful layout and design, solid content. I've "found" and "lost" Brett in my bookmarks several times. So, see? I blogrolled Brett today. Check him out, eh?