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Monday, August 08, 2005

Make Chaos Manor a regular stop

What? You don't already visit Jerry Pournelle's website at least once a week? *sigh*


Here's a very brief sample of why you should:

"The last place in the world that Marxism is entrenched and solid is in the Modern Language Association and our college departments of English and other 'Humanities'. Now I understand the urge to moderation in enthusiasm about Science as the only thing worth understanding and studying. There is more to life. Man does not live by bread, free trade, and maximum production efficiency alone; at least not and stay human. C. P. Snow tried to show some of this, and rightly. Science is a way to address certain problems, and to answer many questions. It generates technology. It has changed the world.

There can be and are legitimate criticisms of science from the Humanities. C. S. Lewis in The Abolition of Man did a splendid job of raising important questions, and his That Hideous Strength is a demonstration in fiction of what can happen when we apply technology without thought to ends. That, however, is not what 'deconstruction' and Feminist Theory and the rest of this academic shamanism is about."_*_

Dr. Pournelle and his readers discuss such a wide array of topics that that sample could be misleading. Just take it as given that you will find something of interest on one of your visits. Give it a while. At least one of your own "hot topics" will be discussed by folks who are smarter than I.

You can thank me later.