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Thursday, August 04, 2005


This bill is a good example of bad government run amok.

[N.B. "anarcho-tyranny" is a term coined (as far as I know) by Jerry Pournelle meaning "using massive quantities of regulations to effectively eliminate the rule of law, by leaving everyone fearful that they'll do something to bring the government down upon them. When everyone is already a criminal, government can do as it wishes, and find some basis to act against any of the criminals (i.e citizens) who are dumb enough ruin their lives by resisting." _1_]

Yep. The link above is to a gummint site hosted pdf of an actual bill (H.R. 1279) sent from the House to the Senate. It's as badly-written as the RICO statutes were. Just more excuses for feeb prosecutors to be able to "get" anyone they want, a la Martha Stewart. This one just enables a feeb prosecutor to nail darned near anyone they want to who has defended themselves and their family via use of a firearm.

Don't believe me. Go read the whole thing and see what this bill aimed at "gang crime" could do in the hands of a prosecutor who would seek conviction of someone (Martha) for denying she had committed a crime... that was not a crime to begin with. (Yeh, the Martha case taught us all two lessons: they'll get you if they want you and NEVER talk to the feebs. Never.)

BTW, how bad are the RICO laws this bill is patterned after? Out of tons of stories of abuses of RICO, here's the bones of one I know personally. Imagine a family who moves 500 miles to a different state, builds a home and settles into a community. They don't sell their previous home, but instead they contract with a management company to lease it to tenants.

A couple of years pass. They recieve peremptory notice from the feebs that their rental property has been siezed under RICO provisions cos some renters were using it for RICO-prohibited activities. They lost their property. Period. Also all the $$ they spent to stay out of prison themselves because the management company they had contracted with had rented ONE property (theirs) to some people who ran afoul of RICO statues.

Multiply that by all the other similar properties seized and innocent families persecuted by turf-building RICO feebs and then imagine how similar "gang-related" definitions can also be twisted against legitimate activities and associations.

There goes yet another piece of the First Amendment. And darned near the entire Second Amendment. The Fifth has been eviscerated by Kelo. We are well into a society, now, where "rights" are no longer rights inherent in The People but licenses which the government can strip, modify or simply deny at will.

We're getting very close to needing a Tea Party. *sigh* (And I don't really like tea all that much... )

hat tip to Cao for the lead on this.