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Friday, August 05, 2005

A Repeat Post

With a very few additional comments...

Every now and then—more this week with the liars in the Mass Media Podpeople's Army kicking up a tempest in a teacup about an offhand (and very classically Liberal) remark by President Bush—I run across some very stupid people who actually treat "reports" by Mass Media Podpeople as "news" and so equate Intelligent Design with "creationism" (the latter being a completely wacked-out buncha crap).
Here's a post I made back on May 28 this year in response to that class of doofs who take anything that's been said by a Mass Media Podperson without doing their own—honest—homework.
That's "Intelligent Design"

Every now and then I run across another wannabe enrollee in the Darwinist Seminary who insists that Intelligent Design scientific theorists are "loony right-wing illiterate wacko creationists."

Just goes to show you that the Darwinist religion is as peopled with sub-literate wackos as the Creationists are.

Via Jerry Pournelle, here's one of the better popular explanations of Intelligent Design thinking I've seen: "Intelligent Decline, Revisited" by Mustafa Akyol. A sample:

In a nutshell, Intelligent Design is the theory that argues life on Earth is the product of natural laws, chance and intelligence. Darwinism, on the other hand, accepts only the first two causes, because, according to materialist philosophy, intelligence does not exist unless it evolves over time from mindless matter.

There's more, and it's all easily accessible and calmly presented.
Anyone convinced by the Mass Media Podpeople's Army (or even by lying creationist wackos—and there are more than a few of those) that ID=creationism in disguise and who still refuses to do any honest homework on their own to discover what real ID-ers are doing and saying is beyond hope.
Brain dead is all dead.
There is a lot of material readily availailable with a simple google search. Any honest inquirer can sift the wheat from the chaff (the liars from the honest truth-seekers) pretty easily on this matter. Anyone who doesn't want to do their own homework has already made up their mind and any argument they make on the matter is strictly a religious one. Neodarwinism as a fun-damn-mentalist* materialism religious cult on the one hand against fun-damn-mentalist* fill-in-the-blank (Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Hindu) on the other.

*fun-damn-mentalist: one whose primary enjoyment in life is playing games with the truth and pronouncing anathema on others. Differs from genuine fundamentalist religious thought/behavior in that it has no desire to inquire or search for understanding. Fun-damn-mentalism's only precept is to wipe out all that differs from it.