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Friday, May 27, 2005

For those who are confused about ID

That's "Intelligent Design"
Every now and then I run across another wannabe enrollee in the Darwinist Seminary who insists that Intelligent Design scientific theorists are "loony right-wing illiterate wacko creationists."
Just goes to show you that the Darwinist religion is as peopled with sub-literate wackos as the Creationists are.
Via Jerry Pournelle, here's one of the better popular explanations of Intelligent Design thinking I've seen: "Intelligent Decline, Revisited" by Mustafa Akyol.  A sample:
In a nutshell, Intelligent Design is the theory that argues life on Earth is the product of natural laws, chance and intelligence. Darwinism, on the other hand, accepts only the first two causes, because, according to materialist philosophy, intelligence does not exist unless it evolves over time from mindless matter.
There's more, and it's all easily accessible and calmly presented.
This post/link to the article noted at Whizbang!'s weekly Carnival of the Trackbacks.  Check it out for some posts/articles/stories that may have slipped under your radar.  And while you're there, check some of the other posts out, like "When squeegees are outlawed, only outlaws will have squeegees," "Quote Of The Day - Lay Fatwa Edition," and others.