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Friday, May 27, 2005

Comment on congresscritter gone wild

Spending my words
As I was posting a comment over at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical, I thought to myself, "Self, why are you 'wasting' (heh) a perfectly good blogpost in someone else's comments?"
(Rabbit trail: a large piece of me wanted to start the sentence above off in a way such that is scanned with the tune to "The Streets of Laredo."  You can thank me now for averting that catastrophe.  You're welcome.)
So, here:
May I humbly offer my own suggestion concerning what to do about congresscritters and their ilk?
A grass roots movement for one (penultimate--the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments need nullifying) more Constitutional amendment establishing a limit on federal holidays and defining the last federal holiday as National Potomoc Day, when the citizenry is invited to descend upon Congress and dunk the entire mess in the Potomoc. Repeatedly. Until only the gasbags rise to the top for their *auto da fe* Their burning corpses would provide the light for the all-night barbeque to follow.
Now, note: I do NOT suggest any vigilantism here but a Constitutional amendment, brought forward by the states, to accomplish this worthy goal.
Enough pressure brought to bear on our congresscritters, and the thing could get ratified, followed by mass resignations before the first such holiday.
Ahhh... the sweet, sweet sounds of silence on Capitol Hill...
Of course, I'd welcome modifications to such an amendment that would include all bureaucrats, administration officials and judges.
(No, I'm not an anarchist, but our current crop of politicos--including the judiciary--are beginning to show me that anarchy has *some* merit... *sigh*)