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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Followup to the "Swirly Tutorial"

And why not?  Covering the Madcap Jolly Jokers* at Newsweak would bring out the kinder, gentler side of anyone. Newsweek’s Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman's prank** of giving an interview to Al Jizzeera*** stating that, regardless of his magazine's retraction, he could take no stand on whether military interrogators had or had not engaged in desecration of the Koran**** at Gitmo is yet another example of a wry sense of humor taken amiss*****, I fear.
See Dan's generous, kind and gentle treatment****** of this jolly joker*.
Money quote from Daniel "Coulda happened; I'll make sure I leave that impression" Klaidman:
"... we did not have the information that we needed to make the assertion that we did in this item – that this had happened... We have heard the allegations, we continue to report, and the US military and other entities are investigating, and as I said, we are neutral on whether any of this ever happened."
Lending grist to the Al Jizzeera "Saudi-financed Jihadist Propoganda Network" host's agenda ("But there is no proof that it did not happen either... ").
I've linked the Al Jizzeera "Saudi-financed Jihadist Propoganda Network" article somewhere in this post, but I'm not giving the Al Jizzeera "Saudi-financed Jihadist Propoganda Network" a big plug here, you know.
*N.B. In this context, "Madcap Jolly Jokers" is a euphemism for "Damned Collaborationist Filth."
**"Daniel Klaidman's prank" is a euphemism for "traitorous venom."
***Al Jizzeera is the correct spelling of the Saudi camel-lover's propoganda network.
****desecration of the Koran = the careful, proper treatment of a piece of filth, already too unclean from passing through the hands of camle-loving jihadists to use as toilet paper.
*****wry sense of humor taken amiss = filthy, collaborationist treason correctly interpreted.
******generous, kind and gentle treatment = rips him a new one.
WARNING: I HAVE LINKED BELOW TO SOME OFFENSIVE MATERIAL (THAT IS, MATERIAL USING THE NAME "DANIEL KLAIDMAN").  Oh, there are also some appropriate but highly offensive links to bestiality sites that may be associated with DANIEL KLAIDMAN—I am neutral on whether this is so or not, so I must of course report that it could be so, in order to rise to the level of journalistic integrity set by such bags of puss as Daniel Klaidman.
PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS ASSOCIATED WITH "Daniel Klaidman"! While they are in no way as vile as is he, some of them are disgusting, repulsive and completely vile sites, indeed.
NOTE: Let me be perfectly clear about this.  I am neutral on whether or not any form of sexual perversions—such as bestiality, pedophilia, sado-masochism, etc.—are habitually practiced by Newsweek’s Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman. I am neutral on whether Newsweek’s Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman has yet stopped beating his wife—or not. I am neutral on the topic of whether or not Newsweek’s Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman is a cannibalistic serial killer.
Since I have no evidence that any of these things are true about this useless bag of puss, I am neutral on whether or not any of these things are true.
Of course, I don't have any evidence that they are not true, either... So they all could be!
And that's the position that Daniel Klaidman takes concerning the  allegation that a prison guard tried to flush the Koran down a toilet: after his mag reported it did happen, when the Saudi-financed Jihadist Propoganda Network asked him about it, he's neutral.  "Coulda happened" is this bag of puss's message.