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Thursday, May 26, 2005

So, Spurs wants a look at my movie collection

Coyses! Tagged again!  :-)
Spurs, sitting in over at Sissy's old place (though I understand she's making noises about guests and old fish--heh) tagged me with the movie meme tag thingy, so here goes, Spurs.  you asked for it.
1. The number of DVD's I own:
Hard one. :-) Five. (My wife owns more--and hers are relatively recent flicks.  Mine are all old movies--EARLY Scarlet Pimpernel, some Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" flicks, etc. ;-)

2. The last DVD I bought:
A Mannheim Steamroller Christmas DVD. Can't even say the title. I'm more impressed with the MS CDs.

3. The last DVD I watched:
Hard to recall. We watch mostly videotapes, cos we mostly rent for one-time viewings and out local Third World County™ video store has difficulty getting their investment out of DVDs cos of the rough treatment they recieve. So, last movie/DVD I know I viewed (as DVD) Parts of Star Wars Eisodes I & II.  Memory kicked in. Last moview viewed front to back: National Treasure.  Nicholas Cage as a cut-rate Indiana Jones character. Yawn.

4. 5 movies that  I watch a lot or mean a lot to me I like:
Have to go with favs here, cos few movies mean much to me and I don't do repeats of many movies at all. So, in no particular order:
Surprised?  Don't be. I like this movie enough that my daughter gave me the Roald Dahl book for my birthday.  Love the book. Still, Mara Wilson was delightful in this movie. De-light-ful. I have watched this one several times, and, yeh, eventually I'll end up buying it.

I've only linked "Fellowship" here, but they're all good. I first read LOTR in 1967 (late bloomer), and it is an enduring fav.  Was in the top ten on a waiting list in a major metro area for The Silmarillion when it was published in 1977, and have read everything by Tolkien I can get my hands on. So, even though the movies took some (probably necessary, though disappointing) liberties with the books (Where's Tom Bombadil???), they were still wonderful versions of the Tolkien epic.
Die Hard II—and for those who know me, no surprise.  Silly plot.  So-so acting. Nice filming (though continuity is... not good). but what sells it to me is Finlandia played when the planes are landing.  heh  I love that scene... cos Finlandia was perfect for it. And cos Finlandia was THE piece of music that
"hooked" me on music.
Bean What can I say? Rowan Atkinson is the physical comedy champ of this millennium.  He saves an otherwise flat and nondescript movie from oblivion through his genius.
Name any Jackie Chan movie. If it at least has English dubbed, I've watched it.  And I'd be likely to watch it again.
5. Tag 5 others
Tagging... man.  This is the part I hate. I'll update as folks agree to serve...
Update #1: Richard, over at Random Rambling, tagged himself off this post last night.  What a menschHere's his post.
Update #2: Christine, of Morning Coffe & Afternoon Tea, knocks back a twofer with A Carnival and a Meme. Commented on the Carnival of the Recipes #41 and then knocked off the movie meme-ish thingy. If she'd fit one more topic in she'd have had a hat trick.