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Friday, May 27, 2005

My poly-compass...

You might have thought, reading some of my posts about schools, congresscritters, Islamic jihadists, etc., that I'm a right-wing extremist of some sort.
Nothing (except assuming me to be a flaming anarchist :-) could be further from the truth:

Not a surprise to folks who know me well, perhaps. I'm just about as centrist as can be. (Although I have some libertarian leanings the test did not ask particular questions to uncover. heh :-) Posted by Hello
Take the test yourself and see where it marks your political compass.  As these things go, it seems to be better than most.
By contrast to my scores, Ted Kennedy would likely fit in the far, far upper left-hand corner (slotting in by his soul mate Joseph Stalin), George W. Bush would fit about midway in the upper right hand quadrant, close to Margaret Thatcher, and Jean Fraud sKerry would be wandering aimlessly around the upper left hand quadrant (with furtive and abortive forays into uncharted territory in the upper right hand quadrant), depending upon the latest wind—and accusing some Secret Service agent of pushing him around the compass.