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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hear the Fear

[Bumped up cos, well, this is Stop the ACLU Blogburst day. Read on down for more Thirsday posts, rants and rambles]

Stop the ACLU

The ACLU claims to be the guardian of our rights. Riiight. Whereas the First Amendment specifically allows for freedom of religious speech and practice, free political speech and press, assembly and petition, the ACLU asserts (and in faux-liberalist dominated activist courts have generally won its assertions) that the First Amendment "protects" us from religious speech and practice (except Islamofascist hate speech), free "expression"—NOT speech—and a press unfettered from any responsibility, and freedom of assembly and petition only that agrees with its communist agenda.

Where the ACLU shows its colors in completely wacko nutjob clarity, though, is in this FAQ that completely misrepresents (blatantly lies about) a loose affiliation of folks who simply want free and open scientific inquiry into a wide range of questions. In doing so, the ACLU is joined with the liars comprised of Mass Media Podpeople and Loony Left Moonbats for who freedom of speech and open inquiry mean only freedom to speak their collective groupthink and explore the textus receptus of their accepted precepts. (Oh, and sadly, the ACLU is also joined by some whack-job "religious right" fun-damn-mentalists in slandering the same folks... just for different purposes. *sigh*)

What loosely affiliated group—which BTW has widely diverse ideas within its own ranks—has garnered such opposition, thus earning some degree of automatic respect by the enemies it has made?

People who want to explore the possibility of intelligent design having some greater or lesser part in the origins of the universe or of life or both.

But the ACLU is afraid these folks who simply want open inquiry into the questions of the origin of the universe and the origin of life will corrupt the sheep._1_, _2_, _3_ Its fear is evident in the fact that it continually misrepresents intelligent design (just as weak-faithed creationist liars do). Read the FAQ linked above, then read this rebuttal, ACLU Intelligent Design FAQ: An Analysis and Response.

I'll not outline Intelligent Design theory or research. There's plenty of pro con argument available to you on the web, and reasonable people can make reasonable assessments. But to say, as the ACLU (along with th MMP and LLMs) does that one side of a debate ought not to be heard reveals the truth behind the ACLU's "free speech" committment: it only stands when the speech involved advances the ACLU's agenda.

The ACLU (and the faux "liberals" or liberalists in the Loony Left Moonbats—hereafter known as the majority of the Democratic Party—and the Mass Media Podpeople) has no connection to the classical Liberalism that sprang forth in the 19th Century from writers and political activists such as the quintessential Liberal, John Stuart Mill.

“If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”—JSM, On Freedom
The ACLU is on the aide of supression of free thought and speech and open inquiry. The ACLU is the enemy of freedom.

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