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Thursday, August 18, 2005

You've heard, perhaps, of "Just in Time" (JIT) compiling?

Well, Just Almost in Time is what MessySoft's aiming for with its update—today—of its Malware Removal Tool to remove the "Zotob" worm family. Yeh, yeh. M$ released a security patch juuust (barely) before a worm to exploit a M$-created hole hit. And yeh, if users and IT departments had been on the ball, there woulda been NO impact. But. The day before M$ released a security patch, my anti-virus software updated with yet another (of several earlier) sigfiles to prevent a "Zotob" worm infection. So, unpatched or not, I was protected. By a lil Czech company. Before MessySoft even got around to "fixing" the problem.