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Thursday, October 20, 2005

ACLU: Here's your sign

(BUMPED to Thursday--see note at foot) Yesterday (Thursday, OCt 13) was a “lost day” so my Stop the ACLU post is a day late. Heh. Maybe today can be my Thursday…

But it is a good thing, cos I just read Kit Jarrell’s Stop the ACLU post and thought it encapsulated a great idea, one that should be spread. In fact, I’m going to set it up as a “meme-ish” kinda thing and actually tag some folks on it. Others, please respond in comments.

What Kit wrote that got me thinking this was
Maybe we should hang a sign on the ACLU headquarters that says “Muslims are Pig F—ers. GO USA!”…Actually now that I think about it, this could be fun. If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to …draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?

OK, here’s one of several that occurred to me:

“F*** the children: Go NAMBLA!”

(Yeh, I just now—10/20—added the graphic, cos so may tagees have been making actual, like, signs, man... Grandpa has to play catchup, here. heh)
It has the advantage of potentially energizing a larger base of antipathy than Kit’s Muslim goad (at least here in the USA—there have to be more parents who care about their children than there are Muslims in the US, right? I mean, don’t there? I hope… ) EDIT: In addition, this sign does have basis in actual support for NAMBLA by the ACLU...

So, how will this “meme-ish” kinda thing work? Well, I’m going to tag five folks asking them to answer Kit’s question: “If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to …draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?”

Next, I’m asking that each of them tag five.

Then (he says with a wink), those who respond add their name and a link to their post to the bottom of the list below. Trackback either to this post or to the post of the person who tagged you. Don’t take names off the top, cos I want to find out how far this one goes. (Yeh, imagine all the extended entries this one might generate ;-)

Here goes:


Harvey of Bad Example
Cao of, well, Cao’s Blog
Romeocat at Cathouse Chat
George at GM’s Corner
The Mary Hunter at TMH’s Bacon Bits

Now, the list to add your blogpost to:

Euphoric Reality
third world county

Have fun. Alpha Update: Cathouse Chat is first on board with "Heeeeere's yer sign..." Beta Update: TMH's Bacon Bits rings in with "Hey ACLU: Here’s Your Sign Right Here!" Gamma Update: Harvey proves to be a Bad Example of following directions but comes up with a very good example of signage for the All Communists' License Union. Now, if only he could get in the spirit of sharing the joy... :-) Delta Update: Cao advances the "ACLU: Here's your sign" blogosphere meme pool thang to "a whole nother level" with "Tagged with a meme" Epsilon Update? N.B. added the forgotten blockquotes and edited some links, a redundant word or two. Left all other mistakes. *LOL* also: linked at Cao's Friday Open Trackback party, at Stop the ACLU and at Conservative Cat. As I explained today—10/19/05—to an email correspondent, Kit's question is just so seminal: if folks'd stop and think about the ACLU and think about what one thing they'd want everyone to know about it, package it up in a succinct sign, well, we'd have some meme-fodder of a powerful sort, ya know the kinda meme fodder the Mass Media Podpeople's Army foisted off on their audiences of sheep with the "Bush lied" meme. People Mass Media Podpeople-dependant sheep think in unreasoned memes and sound bites. And Mass Media Podpeople-dependant sheep form an (unhealthy) fraction of the electorate. We need memes that catch and hold their tiny attention spans. That's why as much fun as this lil blogosphere meme pool thing can be, it could potentially help us develop some effective weapons to use in the war to win folks' minds.