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Monday, October 17, 2005

Julie Andrews I'm not

A few of my favorite things… not

Trivial yet urgent, niggling and pressing;
Pain in the (a-hem), ugly and messing;
Wild trips to purchase the stuff that I need,
These ain’t a few of my favorite things.

(John Coltrane: "My Favorite Things" sample)
Yeh, before I could do a darned thing else this morning, a trip outa town to get (well, “a trip to get” is almost always joined at the hip with “outa town—in this case, outa the county) a 50-amp circuit breaker so our washer/dryer will a.) spin the water outa that load of clothes Wonder Woman washed last night and b.) dry ‘em.

Better than having a load of clothes just sit there and mold. And don’t tell me we could hang ‘em out.  Nah.  Way too muggy today.


I do the electrical work, sure. But I hate working with the service entrance/service panel. Frankly, I know the safe procedures, know it’s safe when I follow safe procedures. Have the necessary equipment to test for live wires, etc. But. I hate working on that kinda AC voltage.

Still, I know I’m going to finally rewire this whole house (yeh, and have a retired master electrician friend check my work before calling the electric company to put in new 200-amp service) sometime in the next coupla years… Soooo looking forward to hooking up the new service to the new panel. If they’d let me (and they won’t) I’d run all the new stuff outside and just let ‘em hook into me. But nooooo. They’ve gotta run their stuff, then I have to hook up to their live service. *sigh*

Oh, well. Today just started with a 50-amp 220 breaker changeout. No biggie.

But not one-a my favorite things.

On to better things. (Guard the Borders coming up later today.) (Minor edits, still probably missed some spelling/typos. Coffee deprivation. Need. More. Coffee.)