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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fiendishly clever...

Precision Guided Humor Assignment from The Alliance of Free Blogs: Devise a "better" strategic plan for Al-Qaeda.

Ah, this is a fiendishly clever assignment... on the one hand, it'd be easy to devise a plan that would yield success for Al-Qaeda by 2008 or 2009. On the other hand, devising a plan that would sucker Al-Qaeda into thinking they'd achieved success while simply miring them further in defeat is a different critter.

Let's just address the easy one. I think they already have the other one covered.

Train all Al-Qaeda operatives to say "No hablo Ingles" in convincing Mexican accents. (OK, that part may be hard; after all, we're not talking about people who approach WalMart class intellects, here.) Send them over the border with Mexico along with the Great Tide of La Raza and get 'em settled in with full welfare benefits, as registered Democraps, etc. Heck, multi-register to vote under multiple variations of MoHAMedic names honoring their woo-hoo moon god or whatever.

Bingo! Instant landslide for Billary and the "defeat America" crowd hosted by the Democrapic Party, Mooooveon.orgy, the Demoncrapic Untermensch, The Anti Constitutional Lawyers Union, et al. The Republicants can be driven from the land; churches closed; TV, Hollyweird and the RIAA closed down (OK, so the news wouldn't be all bad); Islamic "jurisprudence" put in place.  The whole megilla.

It. Could. Work!