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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Moonbats Left AND Right


Every time I read, see or hear another whining so-called “conservative” bitchin’ and moanin’ about Harriet Miers, I just want to say, "Grow up folks." Republican senators, for example, who’ve let the Democrats push ‘em around forever on the subject of Bush’s judicial nominees. They want him to push the envelope while they’ve still not got the stones to stand up to the dems themselves?

So-called conservative (or originalist or whatever) media pundits who nevertheless blanche not one whit at tons of unconstitutional federal over-reaching demonstrate their hypocrisy more than anything else. (The one-issue—whatever the issue of the day might be—“originalists” are perhaps the worst.)

Academics who—well, I guess that said it all. They’re darned near all too full of themselves, assuming that the sort of expertise they value is essential to a justice of the SCOTUS. Pettifogging elitists.
And bloggers who open their fat mouths and begin chewing away at whatever presents itself without taking thorough stock first are likely to discover that what they’ve been eating away at is their own feet. (Yeh, I've done it myself. So? Doesn't make my argument invalid. :-)

See Beldarblog for a smart lawyer’s take. Yeh, he’d have been happier with someone else, too, but he’s smart enough to know the difference between a Souter and a Thomas—something all the stuck pigs squealing about Harriet Miers aren’t.

If the enmity of the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade minions of the Demoncrapic Underground and Moooveon.orgy aren’t enough to convince one to reserve judgement on Miers, perhaps Markos Moulitas’ (of DailyKos infamy) antipathy toward Miers could persuade Loony RIGHT Moonbats to chill a bit, ya think?

Gee, as easily as the thought of a Justice Miers inflames the doofs on the Left AND the doofs on the Right, it seems she might be just the centrist to pull a divided court together…

Romeocat has some commentary to check out re: the Miers nomination flap. You oughta kick yourself if you miss it. I like her comment, "I'm firmly on the fence, and adopting a wait-and-see attitude."