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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Let's get the finger pointing at the real culprit, shall we?

As more and more manufacturing leaves these shores for slave labor shops in China…

Visit JibJab and CLICK on the Big Box Mart (you know who they really mean).

But ask yourself the question JibJab alludes to but elides over: who, really, is responsible for the loss of manufacturing to slave labor (yeh, I know much is merely low-paying sweatshop labor, but some truly is slave labor—prison slave labor) in China: “Big Box Mart” or the greedy cheap bastards like you and me who shop there for cheap crap—NOT made by the same folks as before, and usually not made as well as before?
As with threats to our political or religious freedoms, the long term, serious threats to our economic freedoms are not from Bid Bidness, government, politicians, Mass Media Podpeople or socialist/communist NGOs but from ourselves.
Linked at The Political Teen