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Friday, October 28, 2005

Further thoughts on Miers/SCOTUS

Commenting over on Liberal Quicksand... ...where a neat "guess who" game's being played out on some intriguing quotes. It struck me, "Hmmm... there's a blogpost in this somewhere." heh Sooo... here is an edited reproduction and (very) slight expansion of those comments.
Janice Rogers Brown? When Republican Senators whimped out the last time her name was brought forward (2003)*, they taught GWB a lesson: most Republican Senators have no stones... and no sensible philosophy of "advice and consent"—best to play without counting on their support. Two years of stalling by Dems aided by whimps on the Republican side of the aisle. Shameful. [Brown w]oulda been on my VERY short list for the SCOTUS. Would have preferred her to Miers, but Republicant Senators and hypocritical whines and screams from ill-qualified pundits like the egregious David Frum have pretty well settled the deal: everything will be played by the Democraps' rules from here on out. Brown is now a very dark horse... [Next day] Slept on this one. Were Machiavelli pulling the White House strings, I might suspect the Miers nomination to have been a stalking horse, effected to stiffen the spine of some single-celled Republican Senators. But surely no one in the White House—not even Karl "Satan Incarnate (to Demoncraps)" Rove—is that Machiavellian... are they?
*Yeh, yeh, I know Brown was "brought forward" in the "Snooty Boys' Club" again this year and FINALLY she was given her proper place.