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Friday, November 25, 2005

Another round of "Around and About"

A few pings from some interesting reads the last coupla days. Check out:

Due to blogger error (mine, I think, not Blogger's :-), somehow a trackpack ping to Committees of Correspondence was "etherized". DO READ: it's a big deal. In "When I was Ten Years Old" he links to a story you really ought to hear.

Pajamas Media / Stuck On Stupid Blog The True Meaning Of Thanksgiving, “Christmas Season starts this week beginning with Thanksgiving. While I was looking for something to post this Thursday I ran across this article and decided now is a good time to share it. From The Branson Courier: Thanksgiving is all about to whom the thanks is given…”
[On target]

T F Stern's Rantings brings Having an Attitude of Gratitude to the Thanksgiving table. “I’ve heard some demean this truly American holiday by calling it ‘turkey day’, which may well be the reason I decided to write my thoughts about having an attitude of gratitude.”
[I’ll not refer to Thanksgiving Day as “turkey day” either, thanks. :-) ]

Small Town Veteran’s collection of Holiday Quick Hits is a concise list of good reads, and I say that not just because he linked my “An ACLU ThanksgivingSome things I'd excerpt and link to individually if not for the holiday: An ACLU Thanksgiving Wilsongate: Motive, Means, and Opportunity More Mistakes by the Washington Post on the Foreign Fighters Debate General calls Iraq pullout 'destabilizing' M.. ”.
[Some good reads. Not a turkey in the bunch]

Another history lessn, this one from Peakah's ProvocationsThanksgiving 2005 “Our Founding Father, George Washington, Proclaimed Thanksgiving Day an Official American Holiday... click on picture to read his words…”
[The text of Washington’s 1789 proclamation. Worth reading in its entirety. More than once a year. Out loud. With a bullhorn. In front of an ACLU office.]

History lesson #3 from California Conservative: The History & Meaning of Thanksgiving “Why and to whom are we giving thanks? There’s more to Thanksgiving than family, feasting and football. All too often the significance of our cherished holidays is forgotten, and replaced by a rewriting of new intentions. As we celebrate this special American holiday, may we also remember the history and be reminded of the true meaning behind it.”
[Another perspective—with depth and a link to a History Channel video]

Freedom Folks  could repost this for a guard the Borders blogburst: The Toll of Illegal Immigration  “MJ shares a horrifying account of the hidden costs and dangers of illegal immigration…”

More as I see ‘em.