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Monday, November 21, 2005

Cruisin' my blogroll...

Semi-cruisin' through part of my blogroll today yielded:

UPDATE: Added to the top of the list: Chris Matthews, Dhimmi Of The Week, at Woody's News and Views. Make sure you check Woody's place out regularly. His insight (and 'splains-it-stick applied to liberalist loony moonbats) are regularly on target.

A commenter at Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Mail:

Subject: The success of Linux as an argument in favor of Intelligent Design.

The comparisons of Linux to Wikipedia are amusing, when you carry them over to the Intelligent Design debate. Linux has, ultimately, a single designer who oversees every aspect of the creation. Wikipedia is done by an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters. Linux is stable, powerful, and a viable alternative to professionally-developed software. Wikipedia is a bad joke.

Obviously I'm not trying to argue that the success of Linux is an argument in favor of Intelligent Design, but it's still ironic.

As Jerry might have said (but didn't this time), heh.

Just cruise down the posts at Kat's Keep the Coffee Coming for some Glenn Miller, Cat Stevens, The Drifters and more. Click and listen. Good stuff. Moonlight Serenade? Signature Glenn Miller...

Hugh Hewitt: The Effect of "Cut-and-Run" Rhetoric on Troop Morale. Read it.

Put down the coffee before reading London's Sex Theme Park or Aw, This Is Some Cute Sh*t. As always, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns aren't quite crazy... but then, maybe it's the eye of the beholder, eh? heh

Christine offers another "put the coffee down!" post-for a different reason-with Killed by Caffeine. Hmmm... Anyone spot the obvious data holes in the linked page? It's at least a chuckle.

Red Hot Cuppa posts, Zawahiri's Family Free To Kill Him .... Hmmm, someone forgot their Jordanian ties... heh Speech-impaired piscine. Oughta cut his own throat to save time.

Posted last Monday, re-read today. Lovely. Dust of Snow. Thanks for the Frost, Nancy. Now, how 'bout more of your own for us? :-)

Stick your tongue in your cheeck and read aloud, "Sheehan Begins Candlelight Vigil for Zarqawi"

TMH's Bacon Bits posts Guard the Borders: Immigrants as Rape Targets in Mexico, a part of the Guard the Borders blogburst.

Maybe more later, but this is a typical skip through my blogroll. Try 'em out!