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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Funny... but sad

Regular readers will know The Boys. My son's dogs are outside dogs, allowed in the house for what is for them a special treat. Except that now, for Big Boy—Leo—it has become less of a treat and more... terror! The other day, I had The Boys in to be fed, cos it was lousy weather outside. Leo was merrily chomping away, in his oh-so-messy way, when one of the cats startled him. Now, I didn't know this about dogs—or maybe it's just Leo. When startled, they (or at least he) grips his footing with their claws, apparently for better traction. Doesn't work so well on tile flooring. Leo went sprawling, tried to get up (still attempting to grip the floor with his claws) and fell again. He sprawled like that, with terror written on his face, all the way to the french doors to the deck. Never could get his footing. Now, ever since that incident, when I allow The Boys in, Buttons is just happy as a lark and Leo, poor Leo, tries once agaion to get a grip on that slippery tile flooring with his claws, sprawls, panics and just WILL NOT STAND UP. It's funny, but kinda sad. Going to look up the dog nail clippers I have and get his claws as short as I can, safely. Maybe that'll help the guy. Otherwise, he's doomed to no more pleasure trips inside.