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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fair tax—and Open Post

This is an Open Post-See instructions below the Fair Tax content

I've been touting books about the Fair Tax proposal for a while, now, and I even provided links to some blogs that cover this much-needed reform proposal. I thought this time I'd just give some gathered quotes and links and let y'all loose to look at what others who have actually looked at the Fair tax are saying. (Cos there are a lot of folks who talk about it without getting any facts first. Naturally they are almost all... but maybe I won't go there in this post, 'K? :-)

Over at Americans for Fair Taxation, a site whose subtitle is, "Keep Your Entire Paycheck. Make April 15 Just Another Day", we find this comment in a post titled, Support From the Least Expected:

I have the FairTax book, and it's worth more than anything. What's even funnier, I WORK FOR THE IRS over in Chamblee. I type in all the 1040's you could ever imagine. I try to visually interpret the chicken-scratching that some people call writing. I know about the waste that goes into compliance and enforcement. All for a tax system that was never properly ratified back in 1913. Waste, Waste, Waste! I can't wait for the FairTax !!! Sure it'll cost me my cushy government job, but I don't really mind. I'll have enough money to start MY OWN BUSINESS for the first time in my life, and that feels great. Count on my vote!!!

A link to more at the post. And do check out this post as well: Zero Icome Tax and Zero Payroll Tax. Interesting stuff. At Tax Reform Fair To All.

And you know it has to be a good idea when (ignoring most of the The FairTax Bookbook and getting facts flat out wrong) the New York Times (link to a post quoting the article) gives The Fair Tax

book a tepid (at best) review.

How about this one? Fair Tax wins CNBC Poll 74% to 26%or this one: Flat Tax has Flat Tires for Our Economy; The Fair Tax Supercharges.

Key quote:

The Fair Tax is a fully researched and documented package that has already been put into full legislative form and is waiting in the garage of Congress, ready to rev up our economy and give every American Family a raise in take home pay. The AFFT (www.fairtax.org) has spent the last ten years and over 22 million dollars in focus group studies, polls and economic research to see what works well economically and works well for American families.

There's a lot more info out there folks. Everything from the numbers the Fair Tax folks have researched to just plain old horse sense says the Fair tax proposal will significantly affect YOUR life for the better... if we can get Congresscritters to simply do what's right. Yeh, yeh: the blind will see, the lame walk, the dead rise and we'll all fly away before that happens... *sigh* But we ought to try.


PSA Insert:

From Heidi @ Euphoric Reality, this snippet of a letter she recieved from Iraq:

"...Freedom is not free, but yet it is everyone's right to have. Ironic, isn't it? That is why we are here. Though you will always have the skeptics, I know that most of our military will agree with this message. Please, at the request of this soldier spread this message to all you know."

Read the whole thing, and pass it on, folks. [UPDATE: Well, this is now spreading pretty quickly, but one of my fav presentations of it is at Cathouse Chat. Good on you, R'Cat.]


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