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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Open Trackbacks—a good thing

Here's what I like most about the recent spate of Open Trackback posts: discovering new (to me) bloggers. I think what I may do over the next few Open Posts is feature one or two that have "discovered themselves" to me via tracking back to my Open Posts.

He describes himself as

"... a middle aged happily married guy. Still a Registered Democrat but I'm really disapointed in my party right now. A complete News and History Junkie with lots of opinions."

Did he say "news and history junkie"? Well, check out The Real Ugly American. He has something to say. And he's definitely a news and history junkie. Try this post out for size: Headlines 11.07.05. There's bound to be something significant you missed that he has a link to in that post. And that's just one. From last week. Or how about his Democrats React to Suggestion of Supporting Iraq / Open Trackbacks, posted Monday

? Get over there and read it!

I love this stuff!

One more, and then it's time for YOUR posts. Just include a link to this post and trackback to here. Your blognames, links and summaries will fill the rest of this post.

Freedom Folks. Funny stuff. Why I trust polls. Droll. Very, very droll. I could read this kinda stuff every day. In fact, I think I will!

Check my (left) Sidebar for the

Check my (left) Sidebar for the Open Trackback Alliance and Open Trackback Provider blogrolls and hit 'em all!

Linked at Cao's Blog, Adam's Blog, Don Surber, Stop The ACLU, Stuck on Stupid, Diane's Stuff, MacStansbury, and Basil's Blog.

Oops! Oh-Wah. Oh-Wah tah. Oh-Wah tah-goo. Oh-Wah tah-goo Siam. Yep. Still not enough of the Holy Brew in me yet. One of the folks I link to above got a "sorta multiple trackback" cos I accidentally )stupidly) posted a duplicate of this post with auto-trackback (for one link, only) enabled. No, I do not know which one cos in my coffee-deprived state, I deleted the doop post before checking.



Oh-Wah tah-goo Siam.