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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


As I noted in Filtering my readers, folks who view this blog in IE (especially at 800X600) may find it an unpleasant experience, given IE's non-compliance with web standards, particularly CSS. Well, surprise, surprise! My IE readership is filtering down a bit...without appreciably affecting my ratio of return readership or overall "unique visitors". And no wonder: the percentage of "other" browser users is now approaching the 50% range. Given that about half the IE users are now viewing my blog at 1024X768 resolution, the still high IE using visitor number is about right. That means only a little over a quarter of visitors see the layout as really, really wonky. That leaves just really wonky, wonky and hunky dory for almost all Firefox and all Opera users. I'm happy with that. At about the level of June (floated a bit on a Hugh Hewitt link for a while) averages and rising steadily, if Statcounter is any good as an assessment tool, and smarter people are visiting (that is, fewer IE users. *LOL* Apologies to all the smart but stubborn, cantankerous IE users out there trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I have a bit of that in me. After all, I've stuck it out with Blogger, haven't I? :-). Back to regular programming.