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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's not "Guard the Borders" blogburst day, but...

...this is just too good to pass up. A discussion on Jerry Pournelle's Current Mail page yesterday includes this gem, among others:

If we were to offer $2,500 to $5,000 a head for illegal immigrants delivered to the Border Patrol by bounty hunters, no questions asked -- we don't mind if they turn in each other -- with a very stiff hard labor sentence in a chain gang for repeat offenders, it would cost at most a couple of billion dollars a year, and the more it cost the more successful it would be.

Now, Pournelle does go on to say rewards should only be given for LIVE illegals, and he does specify some restrictions to curb abuse. And, of course, he notes that such an idea would die before even budding in the halls populated by that (mostly) vermin called congresscritters.

Man. Even at the $2,500 bounty rate, I could gross about $50,000 a day here in America's Third World County™... until news got out.


'K, THIS one's linked at Diane's Stuff (And I hope you're feelin' tons better, Diane. :-)