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Monday, November 28, 2005

Almost a "Guard the Borders" post

Ditched my “Guard the borders” post for today, since The Tar Pit seems to have raided my hard drive for a draft and posted it as his own (Just kidding, dude: a good post on a topic I had planned to write on—not gonna duplicate the effort, though; just point folks to your post :-).
See this post at Diane’s Stuff for another border issue. “Homeland Security” my… *cough*
Drama of Atheist HumanismSo… what? Here’s a (all too short, but very pointed) brief commentary on “The Drama of Atheist Humanism” and the impact of atheist humanism on the health (or lack thereof) of Western Civilization in general and the U.S. in particular. Pournelle commenting, of course. It's hard to excerpt any portion of Pournelle's all-too-brief (well, he added this during the holiday to last Wednesday's post) exposition, but here's a sample:
...when I was young there were no public ceremonies without an invocation and a benediction, usually both with one by a Roman Catholic and the other by a Protestant Minister. For sufficiently important events there would usually be a rabbi as well. We paid public attention and deference to "Divine Providence" and saw the Hand of God in our works.

"The courts in the name of liberalism have thrown all that out. Soon after of course goes most of civility: again I refer people to the Drama of Atheist Humanism, and where it has always led. Yes, there are highly ethical atheists. Some of them tend to militancy, at least among their friends. Marvin Minsky is a great example. But The Drama of Atheist Humanism still plays out in a different way because for every Minsky there will be two Trotsky's and a Stalin.

"Today's liberal establishment makes war on religion, which is odd, because the roots of liberalism are in religion. The assumption of human equality makes sense only in religious terms -- surely few of you feel equal to the drooling idiot who camps on your doorstep and shakes the paper cup at you asking for change? Some see the Image of Christ, but that is not a rationalist or materialist position. Some see "But for the Grace of God there go I," but again that is not a rationalist position..."

Just go read the rest. It's germane to the topic "Why we do NOT guard our borders... or the rest of our civilization."