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Saturday, November 26, 2005

CPR stands for "Coffee Provides Resuscitation"

Tripping my blogroll this a.m., I naturally stopped off at my fav "coffee shop"—Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea—for a lil eye-opener. (heh—I typoed "sys-opener" a sec ago. Actually took me a sec to realize it. Need. More. Coffee.) Christine actually hasn't posted anything new in the past coupla days, but this time I followed a link she provided to...
Cubicle Coffee, but not to the neat Bodum French Press. No, I went straight for the philosophy cubicle.
Rick Lee shows what can be done with Thanksgiving Dinner leftovers. What an eye!
And, of course a stop at Kat's for a lil weekend music is in order. How 'bout this one from John Prine and Iris Dement? Great Saturday morning fare! Not to your taste, try the Bill Morrissey she has posted.
Kris links to a near death experience at WallyWorld... heh. Oh, and a real nice after action report on her week, too. Don Surber links to a WallyWorld mayhem video. Funny, Don. "The Next Wal-Mart Millionaire" indeed. heh. And another "indeed" just for the heck of it. And,
I oppose the death penalty but it would be awful tempting to pass a law that would allow the people of the United States to elect each year a celebrity to be pelted to death with US magazines.

Droll, Don. But... just for good measure, (three is and even number, right? :-) let's round out the "After hours" posts with, "Christmas 1, PC 0". heh
Nothing new since Wednesday at Jerry Pournelle's, but in a mail post that starts with a tomatoe bazooka and ranges through intellectual property rights, computer security, ID and the once (and future??) USSR, there's plenty for everyone there. I thought about the "Scotch tape foils Sony copy protection" notice in his Current View section for my "Around and About" the other day, but didn't carry it through... of course, I would never defeat copy protections schemes. No, not I! heh
Carol Platt Liebau rips into a grade school teacher for propagandizing his students. Justifiable ripitude. heh And her succint summation of the Boston "Holiday Tree" flap is bang on, too.
Dan Riehl has commentary on Sir Elton and "Lady David". Feelin' a tad snarky, Dan? :-) He also includes a link to another video of Wal-Mart Mayhem.
Bret Rogers over at Beat Canvas has already painted his Christmas card for this year. Next step, reproduction/printing... Good job, Brett!
I'm looking forward to The Conservative Cat's exposés: "What makes John Murtha a better expert on Iraq than Michael Yon" and "The Truth about the Truth Laid Bear thing", but until then, I can click through the wealth of links he offers on really important topics...
Grab a cuppa joe, sit back and dig into a recent history lesson with Cao's October 1998: Military Analyst Goes Where Spies Fail to Go, but Her Efforts Are Rejected. Significant stuff, folks.
And check her post on the Padilla indictment (and how the ACLU is attempting to interfere) over at Stop the ACLU.
That's about it for now. RW stuff needs doing.
Linked at Don Surber After Hours, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, and Stop the ACLU's Weekend Open Trackbacks..