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Monday, November 28, 2005

Around and About Monday

A few of the interesting reads that cropped up over the weekend…

Pray for Kender. Seriously. Saw this at Cathouse Chat. Stop a moment and pray for the guy, would ya?

The Tar Pit wrote my Monday “Guard the Borders” post (I just have to improve the security around here! :-) when he featured, “Fred Barnes pimps the Bush Amnesty”. Gee. Now do I go ahead and post, “Don’t Read His Lips” for my GTB post or just refer everyone to The Tar Pit? heh

And, how did I miss this important news embedded in Pirates! Man Your Women!’s Thanksgiving Day post???

“You know its [sic] Thanksgiving when the SciFi channel is showing Army of Darkness.”


Found via a link in a post featured in a linkfest that linked to another post that linked to (convoluted enough for ya?): The Neo Con Blogger(TM)’s: “Young Drinkers Thinner Than Non-Drinkers”. His conclusion” “Enter LSU when you’re 20 and drink your butt off for 18 years and you’ll end up skinny, drunk, and stupid!”

Just caught up with this one: Rich Casebolt liveblogging Thanksgiving Day. Okaaaayy… (But really, some good stuff.)

With the upcoming Christmas season, many folks’ll just be too busy to lay back with old favs. Lotsa people like  to catch “It’s a Wonderful Life” (for some reason that has yet to reveal itself to me). For those who like the flick but may run short on time, be sure to save this link to “Frank Cappra’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in 30 Seconds (and re-enacted by bunnies)”. I can’t tell much difference between it and the original except that it’s shorter and doesn’t have Donna Reed. ;-)

Sam’s begging for votes. Help out a tad, ‘K? Meanwhile, check out her post on an activity I could never quite get a handle on.

Diane comments on a “How-to” article written by a speech-impaired piscine. heh And her post on the Asian Bird Flu pretty well reflect my own views (apart from her musical selection :-).

S’all for now. Maybe more later. Time for more coffee.