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Thursday, December 15, 2005

5 Weird Habits "Meme"

OK, let's get it straight right up front: these blogosphere meme pool games are not memes. Way back in the dark ages of blogging, someone who hadn't the foggiest idea what a meme is decided that was what we'd call these lil games of tag. And so the language devolves...

But, anywho, I was tagged by the prehensile-toed Mel to list five of my many weird habits:

1.) Far, far weirder than biting my toenails is my habit of actually reading dictionaries. Yeh, yeh, I know: not much plot and characterization's weak, but man! Lotsa words!

2.) Strange. I find myself wearing a hat nowadays. Sometimes all day long. And I don't know why... maybe to help me keep a lid on my whistling (which I seem to do at just about any old time of the day--nothing weird, just Bizet's L'Arlésienne or Mclean's "Starry, starry night" or whatever happens to be floating around in the aether... recently, Christmas tunes).

3.) I organize my office space by archeological/geological strata. Everything is piled by date. It's a LIPOT system. "Last In Piled On Top".

4.) I cannot listen to a piece of music without analyzing its form, harmonic and melodic structures, trueness to pitch/tonality (depending on legitimate style) and teleology. If a vocal/choral piece, vowell reproduction and prosody enter in. It doesn't affect my enjoyment. A good piece of music well-performed is still enjoyable. And a bad piece of music is still crap (it's just that I understand why and how it is crappy).

5.) I am NOT a cup half empty kinda guy. Really. But I always see (and remark on) the flaw in any plan or project. And it's the remarking on the flaw that's the habit. Yeh, I could break that habit if I wanted to, but then the world would be robbed of my wonderful insights into just how flawed it is.

Now, I don't know who's been tagged on this apart from those listed at Mel's and Diane's, so I'm going to ask tagees to help me keep track of those "downstream" by changing this lil tag game up just a tad. Here are the simple guidelines

1.) List five of your weirdest habits. You pick. I didn't list my weirdest, weirdest cos those'd freak ME out. heh

2.) Tag five.

3.) Copy the list (and its links) below and post it with the TOP name/link removed and your blog/link added to the BOTTOM.

4.) Trackback here to let me know you've done the dirty deed.

5.) Pass the whole schmeer on, including these lil guidelines.

Support Your Local Gunfighter
Peakah's Provocations
Diane's Stuff
I'm Just a Girl
third world county

I've found that these things morph all outa shape and don't go very far unless there's a little structure. And sure, there are going to be people who whimp out and say something totally weenie like, "I'm not gonna tag anyone; y'all can just tag yourselves if you want."

Wuusies. Dweebs. Cowards.

Yeh, who cares. It's just a game and without losers, everyone would win, eh?

Oh. Wait. That's the point of these lil games. If everyone gets in the spirit of playing them, then everyone wins. The first one to whimp out pours cold water on everyone.

BTW, it might help to email the ones you tag. Some folks have a big blogroll to read through and might miss your tag for a while.

Oh, and tagees?

Oooo, I really need to tag some kind-hearted folks... who can follow directions. The combo of those two qualities is gonna make this a tough one.

Well, haven't tagged Christine for a while. And Nancy should be getting back to blogging soon... I HOPE (heh :-). Then there's Romeocat, naturally. (Don't think she's been tagged yet...). And how about Lyn? I'd tag Bou, but I notice she's already been tagged... Hmmm... Lisa! Yeh. That's the ticket!

UPDATE: You can see by the tbs below that this thing's already going well... Each of the folks who've responded Have really done themselve proud; You can easily see by what's posted I tagged a creative crowd. R'Cat killed two with one shot, Lisa tried to be strange; Nancy says socks make her hot, But no one—so far!—likes mange. (Hey! YOU try to rhyme "strange"). Bloggin' Outloud has been silent; Christine's coffee is cold. So far these two have been absent. (Quick! Respond before I'm too old! :-) Oh, and do check the "'Twas Ten Days Before Christmas" at Nancy's place. I write doggerel; she's more the poet. (And yeh, I know Christine is busy decorating for Christmas in a big way and Lyn has said he'll get A Round Toit—Real Soon Now :-)