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Friday, December 02, 2005

Around and About on Friday

A few posts that've caught my eye around and about:

Put down the coffee/hot cocoa. Woody's News and Views brings us You Might Be A Liberal If...


Praise be! Bloggin' Outloud reveals "How to Shave the Yetis"
Shave the Yeti Open Post & Link Party on one condition: If you leave a trackback, you have to use the clippers!

[Lyn asks, "Once shaved always shaved?" I suppose he's going all Jn 10:19-30 and all that, NTV (New Truckers' Version) ]

The Florida Masochist tries to stay up with the workload:The Knucklehead of the Day award Today's winner is Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota.

[Need a Knucklehead of the Hour Award. Anybody wanna help TFM out with that one? It'd keep you in blogposts from now through 2010 just working through the Loony Left Moonbats and Mass Media Pospeople... One an hour for the next four+ years, 24/7/365... Then, for a change of pace, Republican't politicians...]

Here TFM notes what happens when Academia Nuts are allowed to stay in the shell too long: Academia gone overboard....again All three students in this affair are wrong. The Univ. of PA though has a warped Politically correct view of the world. Or do warped and PC go together? As my wife often says- The World has gone insane.

[Nah. They're not crazy. Nah. Not much.]

Hey, Dude! Leave some for the fish! TFM: I scooped the MSM! The Florida Masochist did just that. It wasn't till yesterday that any of the local media outlets finally acknowledged the massive screwup concerning hurricane foodstamps here in South Florida.

[It's a "beat" man. :-) ]

Freedom Folks wants to get something off the ground-without a "W" or whatnot: Conservative Songmeisters Unite! The Right Brothers are trying to get thier video on MTV.

[Yeh, well I type that way alla time.]

Freedom Folks being oh, so gently snarky: Arabs: We (heart) France
Oh no, they don't like us. I'm crushed, really

[Hmmm... Ayrabs and Frogs. Who'da thunk it?]

More from Freedom Folks: Hawaii Crosses Dangerous Line The Hawaii Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a woman whose drug abuse led to the death of her 2-day-old son.

[Yeh, overturned on the grounds that the baby wasn't human until it was born. Demonstrating that the members of the Hawaii Supreme Court still need pre-natal care... upside the head.]

Showing quite a bit of her cognomen's sense, Liberal Common Sense: Scissor and Screwdriver Carriers Rejoice! No more having to leave that favorite pair of cuticle scissors or that handy dandy screwdriver out of your carry on bag. Alas those of you who have Swiss Army type knives will still be forced to either check your bag or leave your implement of choice...

[Never last. This is a Thousands Standing Around operation, after all. Remember, they need no excuse for stupidity. "When a stupid man does something he knows is wrong, he always claims it is his duty."]

IRIS Blog: Hard-hitting-Prediction Confirmed: Israel Admits Rafah Security Deal was "Worthless" I have been detailing how the vaunted deal to protect Israel's security regarding the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza was a "charade" rushed into because of pressure from Condaleeza Rice:The Rafah deal was a complete capitulation by Israel.

[Again, well, duh. ONLY Israel is held to account for its side of any "deal"-never the Palestinian thugs. This is news? *sigh*]

I followed every link in this story, and... I'm gonna do more horse tradin'! Stuck On Stupid From A Paperclip And Beyond Open Link Fest Kyle started with a paperclip and is trading up to his dream of acquiring a home. So far he is up to a snowmobile. Not a bad return since July. Getting a job might help him to reach his goal. But maybe that is asking too much......One Red Paper Clip is...

Sidebar: Whadda you think of this?

And last but FAR from least, Romeocat lends Cathouse Chat to Advent with The Promise For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.