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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A few good reads

Just a few things that've caught my eye the last coupla days... most from a window to the Wonderful World of Links (below) plus a few others. Good stuff, Maynard.

Three from TMH's Bacon Bits: Clinton Eavesdropped on Americans via NSA/Echelon So, does someone want to tell me where the outrage is from the MSM and the Democrat liberal elite, who are so concerned with our civil liberties - especially in a time of war such as now?


Guard the Borders: Round-Up


George Clooney's New and Improved Liberalism I'm keen on seeing Mr. Clooney's "change." It really would be rather easy, if he and his Defeaticrat ilk would simply open their eyes.

[Never happen. He'd have to become an adult.]

The Irate Nation weighs in with its own post in the Guard the Borders Blogburst "Everywhere, illegal aliens receive free public education and free medical care at taxpayer expense; 13 states offer them drivers licenses. States everywhere have been pushed to grant illegal aliens college scholarships and reduced in-state tuition. ...

Four from freedom folks :Christmas Parody Songs, including

You hate Christmas, ACLU
You'd like to see it die
You have all the gentle feelings
Of a NAMBLA Jamboree, ACLU


Jackass in a Fox Suit Mexican President Vicente Fox stepped up his attacks on the United States plan to build a fence along its southern border on Sunday, saying it was a "shameful" initiative for a democracy.


I Just Stepped in a Pile of Crap: I read and blogged about this article smearing the Chicago Minuteman Project. What really disturbed me about the article was the complete lack of effort to report news, rather than conveying an opinion.


Lieberman Attacked for Having a Mind of His Own from freedom folks: Democrats in Connecticut are so disturbed by Sen. Joe Lieberman's stance on the war in Iraq that some are calling for a primary challenge against him in 2006...

[Well, I dare say it's not so much for having a mind of his own as for having the temerity to speak it against the Groupthink the Mothership is beaming to Loony Left Moonbats through the Mass Media Podpeople. "The emperor has no clothes!" must be shouted by a child (who will then promptly be put on Ritalin). Just sayin'... ]

The Florida Masochist explains (again) that California isn't the only "California" Florida the rules are different here Chapter XI Here is some news from the Sun-Sentinel. Call me old fashioned, but the main criteria for a police officer is their competence to do their job not their sexual orientation.

Lyn over at Bloggin' Outloud gives me credit for more influence than I have (nice way to rack up the brownie points, Lyn. I'll send Santa a priority e- to put something nice in your stocking :-):

Random Search Strings: What is it that draws people to your blog? Is it your witty commentary? Is it being linked to Third World County? No, it's chaos theory in action.

[I thrive on chaos? Well, yes, I do... Even backhanded faint praise is gladly welcomed. heh I just wonder why so many people around the world keep on coming to TWC™ searching for pictures of "Swedish pants"...]

The Real Ugly American very rightly points out the obvious... but I'd bet the folks over at Demoncrappic Underpants aren't listening: True Liberals Support Democracy! As a liberal I support my country promoting Democratic elections and removing murderous dictators from power. Especially when said dictator is a sworn enemy of the United States and has been proven to support our enemies as Saddam Hussein did.

READ THIS from Committees of Correspondence It's Thank a Soldier Week Pass it on. Take part in Thank a Soldier Week: Say 'Thank You' today. As we embark upon the holiday season, we must not forget those who are away from their families defending our freedom. Townhall.com is hosting Thank a Soldier Week this week

[DO take time this week to participate.]

And DO see THIS POST at The English Guy. Rich has the Townhall.com/Country Music Awards clip of folks wishing our troops well.

Bloggin' Outloud accredits me with undue influence in Random Search Strings What is it that draws people to your blog? Is it your witty commentary? Is it being linked to Third World County? No, it's chaos theory in action.

More? Sure...

Odd and Odder from The Florida Masochist (one of four, today. Dude, there's life away from the computer! :-): Can a state's chief executive be committed?

[Well, let's start with charging the dude with assault. Then hit him with a charge of "Like Totally Creepy, Dude" on the way to the committment hearings... ]


Troubling: You combine this with the recent NSA story, and I am just having a hard time swallowing all of this. I know we're at war, but the evidence continues to mount that our government in Washington feels its free to do anything it wants.

[I dunno, FM. This sounds like what's been going on for roughly about 140 years or so. The feebs have always kept tabs on such groups-at least ever since the Constitution died at Appomattox... ]


Ms. Narim you have too much time on your hands : Some news out of London. Researchers studying what children do with their Barbie dolls? Whose bright idea was this? Was some government funding it? Do people need a life?

[Well, IMO, Barbie needs therapy... ]


The Knucklehead of the Day

[Man! You'll never get anywhere picking on the Transport Workers Union! ;-) ]

I just love this post of Christine's.

Head on over to Rick Lee's for a "George Bush Santa" and other photos from a guy with a really great eye...

Droll, Don: Gun Control, Canuckistan Style. [But, hey... a serious story.]

Waxing nostalgic on Christmas shopping past... Diane posts Those Were The Days

Bou covers "Life with Bones" in He Doesn't Realize He Lives In a Glass House

Nancy is blogging again and has another poem up, Christmas Quest.

Looking for that special gift? Donna has you coverd with Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread and Marshmallows. (Some under my tree? Please? No, really. :-)

And a thoughtful piece (that no one in D.C. will read, or if they do will comprehend) from Dafydd ab Hugh: The ANWR Lightswitch: On-Off-On...

And another thought-provoking piece from Alexandra, The Clash of Civilizations.

Ahh, man... this post's already too long, and there are so very many left just in my blogroll alone...

Shamelessly plugged at Right Wing Nation, Jo's Cafe and Basil's Blog