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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Finally blogging Saturday: playing catchup

Well, I didn't advertise it as a "free linkpost" as I did with the "real" Open Post on Friday, but there were some interesting links pinged in anyway, so I’ll cut some slack for folks who have trouble with directions. Lord knows, I have enough trouble following directions myself sometimes...

This came in while I was piecing this together (in raw html, since WYSIWYG editors seem to all be playing "gotcha" today): All Things Beautiful has a powerful, powerful piece up in "Jihad Apocalypse: I asked the Professor for views on the pressing subject of Jihadists, and how we as Christians can hope to feel safe in the ever growing aggressive Jihad environment which seems to be viewed by some on the left side of the political spectrum as unsubstantiated conservative hype, verging on warmongering hysteria... The short answer is that we can't, and here is why."

[Just go read it. Read it all.]

*sigh* Tel-Chai Nation reports: "More terrorist attacks took place this week. As Ariel Sharon puts together his new party called Kadima, he simultaneously neglects security requirements."

[Sharon just ain't sharin' all the best, is he?]

Peakah's Provocations wants everyone to party on, dudes (and dudettes) "Open Bar All Weekend! I usually do an Open Post on Sunday but this weekend is full of fun and activities."

[Have a most excellent adventure, folks!]

A rhetorical question from freedom folks in: "Mehlman Blasts When did being an idiot with a reality disconnect become a prized quality in party leadership? Never mind. Don't answer that."

[Darn it. And I had my hand in the air already... ]


Finding blogbuddies, freedom folks: "Shut Up & Sing We made a new friend in the blogosphere!"

[Now that really is special!]

Don Surber waxes polysci-philosoph-solon all over: "Prosecuting the Culture of Corruption President Bush’s legacy will be forged in the sandbox of Iraq. His vision of a democratic oasis in the cradle of civilization overshadows the other accomplishments of his administration."

[But let's not forget that his legacy here at home may have an even farther reach.]

Tidings of comfort and joy from Adam's Blog *sigh* "ACLU Names New Chairman Washington-The ACLU named a new chairman today as it enter into its annual "war on small towns with limited budgets" season… The new chairman, former Congressman "The Grinch" (D-Mount Crumpit) pledged to continue the ACLU's attack on Christmas with renewed vigor..."

[Two words: coal, stocking.]

More doom and gloom from Don Surber: "Global Earthquaking "Yesterday, the Guardian of London told us Global warming is causing an Ice Age! IF the Gulf Stream became a Gulf Trickle, in 20 years, Europe would be 4C or 6C colder, which translates into normal temperatures as 10 degrees or so."

[Not quite so bad as the LIA/Maunder Minimum temps. What's to worry about? Earthquakes? That's what feet are for: move to places they’re not as likely. Gee. Of course, coulda told the doofs caught in N'Awlins the same thing about hurricanes, but do people think about these things? Nah. The gummint (somewhere) will handle it, handle it... ]

The Right Nation has another place to advertise your blog AND some other good news: "(Open Trackback) Weekend Round-Up Good news from Pakistan: the No. 3 official of al-Qaida, Hamza Rabia, was killed early Thursday morning by a CIA missile attack on a safehouse."

[For these and many other blessings, Lord, we give You thanks...]

Let's all go to the party! Stop The ACLU "Weekend Party for the Politically Incorrect Political correctness is one of America's worst enemies. It is opposite of freedom... What Is Political Correctness? Political Correctness (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s."

[Party! Party!]

Belaboring the obvious, Clark Mountain Musings: "Wanted terrorists returning to Gaza through Rafah........DUH!"

[Be nice if this were a ploy to sucker them into position for the kill... ]

Committees of Correspondencehands out a grammar lesson… and more: "I Took, You Took, He Tookie Which Is Out of Place? If you choose Tookie as the word out of place, you would be correct as far as the grammatical rules of English Verb Conjugation are concerned. As to the individual (I don't call rabid dogs that brutally murder innocent people a..."

[I'm making hopeful bookie that Tookie shuffles his cookie off this mortal coil soon. Hopeful.]

S'all for now. Freely advertised at Oblogatory Anecdotes, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, Point Five, NIF, Macstansbury.