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Monday, December 05, 2005

Wish I'd said that...

Responding to an email from someone very obviously on the left end of the bell curve, Jerry Pournelle said,
"I presume that just about all of my readership is on the right hand side of the bell curve, although I sometimes get messages indicating that is not an absolutely justifiable assumption."
I have justifiable reason to assume much the same, at least based on comments and the growing number of visitors who are non-Internet Exploder users. *s* But, yeh, I've had to deal with one or two folks dropping in here from the left (sometimes called the "low") end of the bell curve. Gotta love 'em. Cos they aren't smart enough to know when they're stupid, of course. ;-) (Of course, I'm somewhere toward the left end of Chaos Manor readers, but given the quality of his usual correspondents, that's quite a good group to be in.) Do pop on over and read the whole thing. You'll have to page down a ways to get to the commentary and the e- that inspired it. Worth the time and effort, though.