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Friday, January 27, 2006

Poli-rant/0PEN P0ST

Yet another 0pen Post. Check the OTA link below for more information about Open Posts, if the concept's new to you. Otherwise, links away! Oh, and once you've linked to this post, trackback to it so I don't have to go hunting down your brilliant prose, 'K?

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What is it with the Dems, anyway? I mean, seriously: at the national level there are NO real liberals left. No, not one. You may have been thinking of someone like Joe Lieberman, but if you look closely, you can see a mostly empty suit with ocassional relapses to humanity, even a flash or two of recognizable liberal tendencies. What passes for liberalism nowadays is tyranny cloaked disingenuously in self-righteous doogooder nannyism. Every single damned one of 'em (and I use the term theologically to refer to habitual liars) lies about their own positions and the actions of their political opponents. Oh, yeh, there are a couple who seem to have some shreds of shame, but given their track record, I am reluctantly compelled to believe that's a sham as well.


And oh, those wonderful Republican'ts! While there remain a few with some sort of backbone and committment to principle (mostly in the administration), not a one can truthfully call themselves conservatives, as far as I can tell. (Please prove me wrong!)

Leadership in neither party is willing to actually do what's necessary to fulfill the primary Constitutionally-mandated functions of the federal government: the securing of our borders, and only the Republican'ts are willing to in any way defend this country's citizens against attack by foreign agents who intend to do them harm.

Both parties leadership seem committed to the continued destruction of public education.

Despair, I am often reminded, is a deadly sin. But this year is an election year. And once again, I fear being presented with more choices of "the lesser of two evils" to vote for. And that's the problem: choosing the lesser of two evils still makes me complicit in voting for evil...


Cheer me up, wouldya? Link to this post and trackback with some good reads, 'K?

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