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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Trying out Wordpress

OK, so operating on my Tightwad Modus Operandus, I'm giving Wordpress a shot at the relatively new Wordpress.com freebie site. It's not bad, but the freebie site so far doesn't let me upload my own template, has a very, very cumbersome means of adding links (hence no real blogroll as yet), doesn't let me directly edit my template, has the same 9or similar) clunky text/quasi, sorta, half-assed WYSIWYG editor as another Wordpress site I've been given guest posting priviledges on (almost identical to the Typepad web interface--*blech*), and I don't have a plugin or separate app for posting to the site that'll be better, as far as I know. It's workable, and the new importer feature did seem to import all my TWC blogposts and Blogger comments (though it couldn't import something like 1,600+ haloscan comments and even more tbs). Ahh, how much work could it be to export alla those from Haloscan, upload 'em to a separate page in the Wordpress blog and then link alla those comments/trackbacks back to their respective posts? Not much at all at all, huh? *heh* Not gonna do it. Nuh-uh. Oh. Well. It's HERE for whenever Blogger locks me outa posting again. Yeh, yeh, I know I'm muddying the water having another blog with the same name. So? Confusion to all! ;-)